Sound's Power & Influence in Marketing


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In this course, Sound’s Power & Influence in Marketing, we’ll explore the origins of sound, advertising today and yesterday, sound’s role in decision making and buying power, and how your brain reacts and responds to sound.

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Course Curriculum

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1.1 – The Origins of Sound

1.2 – A Precursor to Language

1.3 – Alerts and Notifications

1.4 – Just Two Notes

1.5 – The Sound of Silence

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2.1 – Sound and Storytelling

2.2 – Radio and Radio Advertising

2.3 – Long Live the King

2.4 – Introducing…the Internet

2.5 – Interactive Experiences

2.6 – Creativity Within the Platform

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3.1 – Streaming Advertising

3.2 – Voice Ads and Voice Response

3.3 – An Enhancement, Not a Replacement

3.4 – Predications for the Future of Audio Advertising

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4.1 – Our Association to Sound and Commerce

4.2 – Stimulus Modality

4.3 – Audio Touchpoints in Consumerism

4.4 – In The Moment and Ready for Purchase

4.5 – Acoustics and Design In Customer Experience

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5.1 – The Different Ways Sound Travels

5.2 – Light Vs. Sound

5.3 – Brain Imagery

5.4 – We All Make Sound

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Your teacher

Jeanna Isham

Jeanna Isham has 20+ years of audio experience.  Starting in film composition and production music, she evolved into the world of sonic branding and sound identities as a creator, strategist and thought leader.  Her company, Dreamr Productions, creates audio identities for companies and brands as well as consults and educates brands and marketers on sound in marketing and its best practices.  

Jeanna also produces, hosts, and edits the Sound In Marketing Podcast.

Dreamr Productions is a part of Stage Ham Entertainment LLC, a full service audio/video production company based out of Pasadena, CA.

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